Need A Good Laugh Today?

My wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in bed. I turned to her and said, ‘Do you want to have Sex?’ ‘No,’ she answered. I then said, ‘Is that your final answer?’ … She didn’t even look at me this time, simply saying, ‘Yes..’ So I said, […]


The Great Man vs. Woman Toilet Seat War: We Have A Winner

Toilet seat up; toilet seat down? It’s the age old argument that has been going on ever since toilets were invented. Women think men should put the toilet seat down, men think women should leave that thing up. This war has been waged almost everywhere men and women share a bathroom, whether at work or […]

Is This The Best 1 Minute Video Ever?

I watched this video on FB, it is 1:07 long, and it’s message is so simple, yet carries so much meaning, I find myself watching it a lot. Enjoy, and please….leave a comment below! NOTE: The video is not embedding properly on this page for some strange reason, however, put your mouse over where it […]

Make Your Kids Bully Smart!

Bully Proof Your Kids Kids can be so cruel in school, whether they are first grade, twelfth grade, or anywhere in between. College has it fair share of bullies too. As an adult, you may actually have a bully at work. This awesome dad has a special message for his daughters that is worthy of […]

Stupid Media

The Media Just Confirmed How Stupid They Are

STUPID MEDIA STORIES Our media loves to prove their ignorance. They do it all the time. They are so interested in breaking any news that they don’t care whether or not they need to consider the fact that it actually may be in everyone’s best interest not to publish some things. Case in point… on […]

Viral Video: Girl fakes period, mom gets revenge

What makes a video go viral? Who knows? A little humor, a little sarcasm, a little stupidity, a little bit of this and that? Sometimes it just happens. But when a girl fakes her period and mom gets revenge, it seems obvious that people are going to want to check it out. This one got […]

Road Rage Instant Karma: Driver crashes truck after tailgating and flipping finger

Karma in Action TAMPA, FLA. – Watch as this tailgating, finger flipping driver crashes his truck after passing this woman on Monday March 25, 2014. This is a scene a lot people envision seeing whenever they encounter obnoxious drivers on the road. This woman actually got it on video and it has gone viral on […]


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 now clearly a government cover-up

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 now clearly a government cover-up: All evidence contradicts official story   Monday, March 24, 2014 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of (NaturalNews) The “official” story of what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is now a blatant cover-up. After an endless stream of wild incompetence from the Malaysian military […]

IBOToolbox: What Works and What Doesn’t Work For You

I posted a Press Release on IBO Toolbox for the purpose of allowing people to discuss what works for them online and what doesn’t, both in relationship to the web in general as well as for IBO Toolbox. Obviously, the reply box there doesn’t allow for a lot of space for those who wish to […]


Which Celebrity Would You Like To Meet and Why?

FAVORITE CELEBRITY? Open up People Magazine and you’ll find a slew of celebrities from the front of the magazine to the back, just one celebrity after another celebrity after another.  People want to know what is happening in their favorite stars lives, otherwise these celebrity type of magazines wouldn’t be popular.  These poor souls can’t […]

Pentatonix Christmas Music

Pentatonix: Amazing Christmas Videos I was browsing through my Facebook feed on Thanksgiving and someone shared a Christmas Video from Pentatonix, it was The Little Drummer Boy.  They did a fantastic job on this song.  I haven’t heard of this group before and totally loved this version of an old time favorite Christmas song.  I […]


Never Ever Talk To The Cops

Don’t Talk To Cops: Part 1 This Law Professor explains why you should never talk to the cops, even if you’re innocent.  After watching the video, perhaps it would be best to say, “ESPECIALLY if you’re innocent.”  He gives some extremely good reasons why you should never talk to the cops without an attorney present. […]

Puff The Magic Dragon

Puff The Magic Dragon: About outgrowing toys, or pot smoking song?

Childhood comes with all kinds of memories, favorite vacations, friends, foods, even songs.  There is one song that almost everyone remembers from their childhood, and that is Puff The Magic Dragon, but this is one song that isn’t without a bit of controversy. For years, people have debated about the real meaning of this song. […]

Virgin veggies!

Our 9 year old explains the meaning of “virgin”

“Did you bring me any virgin cupcakes mommy?” Like most parents, we’re not looking forward to explaining difficult words to our 9 year old daughter in regards to sexual issues.   As we all know, kids sometimes say the darnedest of things, and in so doing, our daughter supplied us with a way to temporarily explain the […]

So…What Is Life Really All About Anyway?

Wow, what a huge question. We all walk through life every day, trying to figure it out. Ask a hundred people, and you may just get a hundred answers. Allow me to share my viewpoint… My second child and I have watched almost every Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus episode made. We even have the Hannah Montana […]

A Few of Life’s Opportunities

Blogging is an opportunity to share tidbits with others. Sometimes, these tidbits come from our own personal experiences, sometimes they come from the experiences of others, and sometimes they come from radio, tv, or even a song. Whatever moves us, is an opportunity to share…so let me share with you a few of life’s opportunities, […]

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Humor: Going From Girlfriend to Wife

This should give you a laugh guys! Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0. I soon noticed that the new program began unexpected child processing that took up a lot of space and also valuable resources. In addition, Wife 1.0 installed itself into all other programs and now monitors all other system […]

Al Pacino’s Inspirational Speech

If you’re looking for an inspirational speech…this is it! Enjoy! Success happens inch by inch with a proper mental attitude. Please…leave your comments below!

NEVER Do This To Yourself…NEVER!

Every once in awhile, a story (or email) circulates around the Internet that just gives you a good laugh. I haven’t seen this one before but was told it has been around a bit…enjoy! Last weekend I saw something at Larry’s Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary […]

Thumbs Up Smiling Animated

It’s All About The Cup

I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the cup… The Optimist says that his cup is half full. The Pessimist says that his cup is half empty. The engineer says that you just need a smaller cup. It seems to be all about the cup…but not really. The cup is just the vessel that holds […]

Dog 001

I Believe People Would Generally Be Happier IF: We Were More Like Dogs

WHAT IF WE WERE MORE LIKE DOGS? I believe people generally would be happier…if we were more like dogs. Look how happy your dog is when you get home! He/she is jumping up and down, glad to see you. Your dogs tail is wagging and you can tell by the body language how happy they […]

"I don't want to hear that."

Acceptible Lies

THE SIMPLE AND PROFOUND Have you ever had those moments in life where you hear something that is very simple, yet quite profound? Of course you have. I few years back, I heard something that greatly affected me, and I ran across it again this past week. I’m going to share it with you, but […]

Peanut Butter: Crunchy or Smooth?

Ok, what is your personal preference when it comes to Peanut Butter… crunchy or smooth. You can share “why” if you so choose… that might be interesting./

America: The Dilema of Morals

I read the following on Facebook …tired of hearing about Haiti and all of its problems…how about we fix whats wrong in America first before we move onto foreign countries and their issues. One of the things that has made America great is the fact that we have always reached out to help other countries.  […]

How To Take Control Of Your Life!

NO ONE can: drag you down lift you up make you happy make you sad make you cry make you laugh make you love make you hate …unless YOU let them. Just to let you know…if you want to lift me up, make me happy, make me laugh, or show me some love, I will […]


Would You Pass The Honesty Test?

Honest… I Lost My Wallet You stop to get gas, and you need to go inside to buy…ummm, ok, let’s say cigarettes. On the way in, you notice a wallet laying on the sidewalk. What would you do? Someone decided to put it to the test. They dropped a wallet, then filmed 20 people to […]

Be Very Careful About Letting Go Of These Four Things…

Four things you can’t recover: The stone…after the throw. The word…after it’s said. The occasion…after it’s missed. The time…after it’s gone. Here’s a few brief comments… The Stone – Hey, it breaks things. Be careful what you aim at, or who you throw it at. Those things hurt. The Word – Oh boy, many a […]

Happy Mothers Day (Part 2)

A special thanks to Gwen, a friend on Facebook, for posting numerous Mothers Day things for us to read…and I’m sharing some of those here. And to my Mother…below is the definition of a Mother. All any child can really do is to say thanks. We all know that words can never truly express how […]

Happy Mothers Day (Part 1)

Ahhh…it’s Mothers Day! Here’s wishing a very Happy Mothers Day to Mom’s all around the world, especially my own, who happens to live 6+ hours away…I love you Mom! Here’s a little something entitled “A Mothers Song.” As a parent, I totally identify with this, and see now as an adult many things I didn’t […]

The World’s Most Amazing Ability: Everyone can do it

My sister-n-law has a most wonderful talent…she is a kindergarten teacher. To make a long story short, she posted the following on Facebook recently: “A child can change your whole day with just a smile.” Children have this wonderful ability, and use it quite often. Adults also have this exact same ability, but seldom use […]

TODAYS LESSON: Humans are not at the top of the food chain!

I have heard it said many times that we should learn something new everyday.  Today…I learned that we (humans) are not at the top of the food chain.  Say it ain’t true, please say it ain’t true.  There ARE those in the animal kingdom that feast on the humans body.  So today, I learned on […]

And Life Goes On…and on…

It’s a Sunday night.  I’m sitting home watching TV.  With a 6 yr. old in the house, I tend to watch “kid oriented” movies. So I’m watching this 16/17 year old girl who is watching her grandma and the man in grandma’s life.  The look in her eyes says she is having a life moment, […]

There’s Sushi, and then there’s….this

Going out for dinner can be a real experience, especially if the meal isn’t dead yet…

BREAST CANCER: Preventable? Curable? Need Info?

If you or someone you know has Breast Cancer, or perhaps you are wondering about ways to prevent breast cancer, then you need to read the following report: Breast Cancer Deception It is sad to say, but there is an awful lot of things going on behind the scenes that if the general public knew […]

Dusty Car Art? You’ve got to be kidding…right?

You’ve Got To See This For Yourself! The Internet holds a vast array of information/stuff/junk/ideas/etc.  If you’re looking for it, you probably can find it.  What I like are those ocassional surprises, you know, when you find yourself on a site and follow a link which leads to another interesting link, and then you wind […]


SEO Pressor – Unlike Any Other SEO WordPress Plugin…a MUST HAVE Tool.

SEO PRESSOR – A Must Have WordPress Plugin High search engine rankings…we all want them, we all need them. What does it take to get a top ranking? You could spend your valuable money, and pay someone to handle it for you, but that isn’t an option for most people. Besides…everyone claims to be an […]

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