I Believe People Would Generally Be Happier IF: We Were More Like Dogs


I believe people generally would be happier…if we were more like dogs. Look how happy your dog is when you get home! He/she is jumping up and down, glad to see you. Your dogs tail is wagging and you can tell by the body language how happy they are. to see you. Check out this YouTube video of one very happy dog when “daddy” gets home from deployment:

Dogs are always like that.

dogsWhat if we showed each other how much we missed one another?
What if our tail was wagging big time when our spouse/mate came home? What if we showed the kind of love dogs show? A few marriages might just be saved.

Ok, so we don’t have a tail to way…but we do have a smile to share, and open arms to hug. But….if you want a laugh, just act like a dog when your spouse comes home, and run around wagging your imaginary tail. Try it and see what happens…then let me know about it.
And…just have fun!

Do dogs have trouble finding mates?

And think about the dating process. You are attracted to someone, but you have no idea if they are attracted to you. If we were more like dogs, the wagging tail would give it away that we were interested…and vice versa. Many a relationship never started because people were afraid to show they were interested.

Cats, now they are a different breed. Leave them alone for a couple of days or longer, and when you return, they are mad at you. Sometimes, they will get back at you for leaving (my daughters cat is terrible when she leaves). Not dogs. Leave them for a day, leave them for a week, or go away on deployment, and when you return, they will show you how much they missed you. Yep, life would be so much better if we were more like dogs! Let’s show a little more love!

We’ve all heard the old saying, “a dog is man’s best friend.” For the Christian…spell dog backwards! And remember, the Bible says that “God is Love!” Hmmm… Perhaps we should be more like dogs!

What do you think? (…and keep the sniffing comments to yourself please). Let’s hear your opinion…do you think we should be more like dogs?

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  1. First of all I want to say
    Thank You for serving our country!

    Freedom is not Free!

    Second … what a change in our
    lives and attitudes if we got
    that excited when we saw others!

    Great analogy!

  2. I absolutely agree…My pups greets me with their wagging little chopped off tails even if I’m gone for 2 seconds…Awesome message and I loved the video
    Have a Blessed Day!

  3. Gregory says:

    Debra…I just realized that I wasn’t very clear on one point…the video isn’t of me, I got the video from YouTube.

    On to your second point…I wonder how hard would it be to get the tail wagging thing to go viral?

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