And Life Goes On…and on…

It’s a Sunday night.  I’m sitting home watching TV.  With a 6 yr. old in the house, I tend to watch “kid oriented” movies.

So I’m watching this 16/17 year old girl who is watching her grandma and the man in grandma’s life.  The look in her eyes says she is having a life moment, one of those times when you learn a little something about life.

The learning starts when we come into this world.  We learn to crawl and explore, we start walking, then talking.  Communication becomes a big thing and the world opens up.  We start 1st grade and pretty soon we have graduated high school.  And for 12 years, we learned many, many lessons.  Isn’t it funny though how we don’t really notice it at the time, but life is giving us experiences that we continually learn from, experiences which help us make our decisions on a daily basis as we go through life.

At 16, we get a drivers license, and the world opens up big time.  We suddenly think we are adults.  Have you ever heard someone say “hire a teenager…while they still know it all.”  Well, then we get a bit older.  The world hasn’t beat us down yet, and we think we can accomplish anything, so we try.

Some go to college, some get a job.  Some get married & start a family.  We all take different paths.  We carve out our own little space in this world.  It is our space.  We will make our own decisions, right or wrong.  I remember my mother saying something about having to get out in the world and make her own mistakes…then she wanted to protect me from making my own.  Oh yes, more learning experiences as we move forward, both as parents and as children.  I also remember telling my mother that I too had to make my own mistakes.  In case you’re wondering, I have made my fair share.

Just in case you didn’t know it, as we go through life making mistakes, we are supposed to learn from them.  I once heard someone say “what’s the point of making mistakes if we don’t learn from them?”  Oh how true!  Just sit for a brief moment before reading any further and ponder that point.  It IS a good one.

Staying to the original point…life moves on.  We get older.  We change jobs.  We buy a house, sell it, then buy another one.  Then suddenly before we know it, we have a couple of grandkids.  All of a sudden, our parents are great grandparents. 

Now that I am a bit older (50 isn’t far away…and there ARE grandkids), I have come to appreciate the wisdom gained by my elders.  They have made plenty of mistakes, and have so much to share with us if we will just listen.  I envy those who learn this one valuable lesson early in life.

One thing is perfectly clear though…no matter what you do, life continues to go on and on and on…what will you learn today?

Perhaps you will… come back and share with us something that you learned today (or any other day), by mistake!

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