Our 9 year old explains the meaning of “virgin”

“Did you bring me any virgin cupcakes mommy?”

Like most parents, we’re not looking forward to explaining difficult words to our 9 year old daughter in regards to sexual issues.   As we all know, kids sometimes say the darnedest of things, and in so doing, our daughter supplied us with a way to temporarily explain the word “virgin” to her.

As her mother was coming in the door after arriving home from work, our daughter greeted her with an unusual question, “mommy, did you bring me any virgin cupcakes?”

My wife and I looked at each other quite puzzled not knowing exactly what she meant, so we asked her to repeat what she said.

“Did you bring me any virgin cupcakes?”

Now there was a slight tone of excitement as well as expectation to her tone, and although she knew what she meant, we were a bit more than stumped by this question, so like any good parent, we asked once again what she meant, when it suddenly dawned upon my wife that she probably meant “vegetarian cupcakes.”

“Do you mean “vegetarian cupcakes?”

Virgin veggies!“Yeah,that’s it, vegetarian cupcakes.”

Ahhhh, my wife had been grocery shopping, and we usually get our groceries from one of the local health food stores, and our daughter thought she was getting one of those healthy cupcakes we buy her once in awhile.  Our question was answered.

And much to our delight, we now know how we’re going to respond when that unwanted question comes from her lips in the near future, “mommy, what does “virgin” mean?”

“Vegetarian dear, vegetarian.”

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  1. Your mortified sister-in-law/sister says:

    Are you serious?!!  I don’t know which I am feeling more of after reading this,  mortification or laughter.  I can totally see her innocently using the word wrong but then I can also see her purposely misconstruing the word to get a rise out of her MOTHER while her father sits in the background laughing his head off behind a cough.  No need to ever explain that word to her, by the way. Let her figure it out on her own.  Less embarrassing on both ends.  

  2. You can be mortified, we were roll’n on the floor laugh’n.

    And seriously…let her figure it out on her own?  Really?  Just think how embarrassing it would be explaining to everyone that we were too embarrassed to explain these things to her, so some young boy decided to do it for us.  When parents neglect their duties out of embarrassment, Storks show up 9 months later.

    BTW…I don’t find it embarrassing at all.  On the contrary, we were just talking about commas and periods, and monthly lunar cycles recently, and it went quite well. (read between the lines).

    Which boy is going to explain things to your offspring…have you picked him out yet, or will you just roll the dice?

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