Which Celebrity Would You Like To Meet and Why?


Open up People Magazine and you’ll find a slew of celebrities from the front of the magazine to the back, just one celebrity after another celebrity after another.  People want to know what is happening in their favorite stars lives, otherwise these celebrity type of magazines wouldn’t be popular.  These poor souls can’t step out in public without being bombarded by fans for autographs and pictures.  It would seem that living a life without any privacy would be a bit difficult for a lot of people.

So…with all of that having been said, let’s talk about which celebrity/celebrities you would most like to meet…and why?  Do you have a favorite celebrity, and is your favorite someone you really want to meet, or are they only your favorite because you like their movies, or perhaps you’re just attracted to their looks or their bodies?  If you could spend just one day with them, which celebrity you choose?

As for me, I’m not enamored by celebrities.  To me, they are just another person much like the guy who lives two neighborhoods away that I’ve never met or seen before, yet I still have an answer to this crazy question.  I’ll post my response in a couple of categories…male and female.

Being that I’m a male, and that I’m a gentleman, I’ll let the ladies go first.  There are several I wouldn’t mind meeting and it would be hard to choose just one, so I’ll list my reasons for each.  As for the men, there is one man that stands out at the top of my list, but I will discuss a couple of other men too.  I would like to start by saying that I’m more interested in meeting people of good character than I am in meeting people who are popular like a celebrity, but my list actually incorporates both qualities.  Let’s get started!

Celebrity Ladies first…

    The female at the top of my list is there for a particular reason.  I’ve read nothing but good things about her, about how she treats people in her local community, how she treats people on the movie sets, etc.  One example that I distinctly remember was a person talking about how most celebrities expect to be waited on hand and foot while on the movie set.  Sandra Bullock on the other hand was different. She made sure that those who worked on the set were taken care of.  She would offer to get them drinks if they were thirsty, or whatever else they needed.  By the time I read this, Sandra was already famous, so there had been plenty of time for her fame to go to her head.  The things I have read about Sandra Bullock says that she is a woman of very good character, a person who cares about others, and those are qualities I admire in another person.  This puts her at the top of my list of females.
  • Jennifer Anniston

    Jennifer Anniston

    But wait, there are two more.  The second is branded as America’s Sweetheart!  Yep, you know who I’m talking about, Jennifer Anniston.  You don’t get branded that way by being a trouble maker, or a troubled person.  And you don’t hear about her having drinking problems, or drug problems, or any other way out there stuff like you hear of Miley Cyrus and a few others who have jumped off the cliff and joined the dark side.  It seems that the only thing I’ve read negative about Jennifer has to do with her relationships, mostly her divorce to Brad, and then a couple of break ups, you know, the same kind of stuff we all go through while we are searching for the very special someone we want to spend the rest of our lives with.  Is Jennifer as nice as she seems, does she live up to her brand as “America’s Sweetheart?”  I hope so.  And btw…the woman is cute too.  She looks great for her age!

    The third woman on my list might surprise a few people.  She is on my list because she reminds me a little bit of me.  I remember when she first became popular on the show “The Biggest Loser.”  She was being interviewed and she made it clear that she is the person you see, take her for what and who she is, or don’t.  She wasn’t going to hide anything.  Her lifestyle may not be what everyone would choose, but like the other women, she is not a person out there in the public eye constantly getting in trouble. I admire her for being upfront with the world and not caring whether or not people like her, she is who she is.  A salute to you Jillian Michaels!  I’ve grown very tired of people putting on a false front, I have to admire your courage and your honesty!

    Oprah Winfrey!  A woman among women, need I say more?  She is admired by millions around the world.  Spending a day with her would be an awesome experience.  To be honest, Oprah didn’t jump into my mind until I had finished writing this blog post, otherwise I probably would have listed her first. I’m glad she came to mind though and I included her on this list.

Now for the Celebrity Men…

    There was a time when Bill Cosby would have topped my list as I bet he would for a lot of people. However that is no longer so.  I know someone who once had the privilege of being Bill’s waiter in a restaurant.  Just like me, he really liked and admired Bill, but he came away from that experience very, very disappointed that day.  He said Bill treated him like a low class servant.  He talked down to him and just was not very nice.  His image of Bill went from one of great admiration to one of not caring if he ever saw the man again.  What a shame.  I hated to hear that and it also removed Bill from being on this list.

    Charleton Heston: The man played Moses, I would love to sit and talk with him about such an experience, but unfortunately he is no longer with us.  He was a great actor though and is probably the only person that I can say I would love to meet just because he is an actor.

    If I could choose to spend the day with one man who would I choose and why?  This is a man not everyone likes.  Actually, there are a lot of people who would prefer to just take a gun and shoot this fellow.  Sometimes he comes across a bit arrogant.  Every Georgia Bulldog football fan out there will rejoice the day this man retires, or falls dead on the sideline.  Yep, you guessed it, I’m talking about Steve Spurrier.  Why would I choose Steve?  Being that I’m a South Carolina Gamecock fan has little to do with my reason other than the fact that this has given me the opportunity to learn a few things about Steve behind the scenes.

When Steve Spurrier first came to South Carolina to coach, he inherited a team that had a handful of thugs on it, players that he eventually let go.  Over the years, Steve has not only recruited talented young men, but he has also recruited young men of good character, men that have led the Gamecocks to better days on the football field both as players and as individuals.  As fans we seldom ever hear of players getting in trouble anymore, instead we hear how awesome these young men are.  In the process we also hear the parents of these young men give a tremendous amount of praise to Spurrier and his staff regarding how they handled the recruiting process, and how Spurrier’s character really stands out.

Yes, with the media he can seem a little arrogant sometimes, but that is a part of his personality as a coach, trying to get under the skin and into the head of his opponent, but the man Steve Spurrier seems to be a man of great character, and that is the kind of man I would love to spend a day or two with.


There’s my list of a handful of celebrity men and women I would like to meet and spend a day with, people that I admire from afar who seem to be people of great character.  Let’s hear your list, which celebrity would you like to meet and spend a day with…and why?  Your reasons are your own, you may be like me and like people of great character, you may like their personalities, or you may just like them only because they are cute or sexy.  Let’s hear your reasons…and have a little fun in the process!

NOTE: I intend to keep this blog clean, a place where people can have an open discussion of the topic.  If your comments are juvenile or attack others, or you are just a brat, your comment won’t be approved, so please don’t waste your time.  All comments are moderated /approved before being posted.

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