IBOToolbox: What Works and What Doesn’t Work For You

I posted a Press Release on IBO Toolbox for the purpose of allowing people to discuss what works for them online and what doesn’t, both in relationship to the web in general as well as for IBO Toolbox.

Obviously, the reply box there doesn’t allow for a lot of space for those who wish to openly discuss this, so I decided to post a blog about this subject so that people can feel free to go into greater detail if they so desire.

Here is what I posted over on IBO:

Knowledge and research are huge keys to success in this world. Those who jump into a lake hoping to swim to the other side obviously won’t make it if they don’t know how to swim. In reality, they will drown unless someone is there to save them.

IBO is an incredible tool, but only if a person knows how to use it, but isn’t it that way for any other tool on the web? Isn’t it that way when it comes to using the web for anything?

I would like to offer you the reader an opportunity to voice your opinion, your knowledge, and your experiences. In doing so, it is requested that you discuss these things not only in relationship to IBO, but also in relationship to anything that you are currently doing online.

Let me explain…

If you use IBO and do so successfully, please share what works for you and why, but also share what doesn’t work for you, and why you think that is true as well.

To take this a step further, I would like to offer you the opportunity to share what is working for you away from IBO, why it works and how, as well as what doesn’t work and why.

I realize that the IBO comment section may not offer you enough space to share all that you may be able to share on this subject, therefore I have also written a short blog post where you can elaborate in more detail if you so desire.

IBO is a great tool for Networking, so please share your knowledge and experiences about IBO Toolbox, as well as other projects you are currently involved with.

I’m looking forward to reading your comments as well as Networking with you!

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  1. IBOToolBox has been a huge plus in branding myself, building relationships, making friends, and generally all of the things necessary to being successful in internet marketing.
    It is my social network of choice, everyone there is in the business of internet marketing in one form or another. IBO as it is affectionately known to it’s members, provides gratis the tools necessary for creating an online presence at a price anyone can afford, it’s free.
    If there were a downside I would have to say the attraction qualities of IBO draws in many “noobies” to the platform with a lot of bad habits, but if they stay around long enough and have an open mind they can learn to do it the right way.
    Another downside is it can steal your day if you’re not careful, because it’s such a joy to spend your time there.

  2. Gregory says:

    Thanks Don for your comments! Something told me when I posted this you would be the one person I thought might actually reply…and I was right! Kudos to you my good man!

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