Road Rage Instant Karma: Driver crashes truck after tailgating and flipping finger

Karma in Action

TAMPA, FLA. – Watch as this tailgating, finger flipping driver crashes his truck after passing this woman on Monday March 25, 2014. This is a scene a lot people envision seeing whenever they encounter obnoxious drivers on the road. This woman actually got it on video and it has gone viral on the web gathering over 3 million hits already. Ahhh….instant Karma!

The events began with the driver of a pick up truck tailgating this woman (known to us only as “Flordia Driver” on YouTube), on wet highways. After a minute, she began video taping the events captured on the video above. She was unable to get in the right lane because there were some trucks there, and even if she could get over, she was going to be making a left hand turn soon anyway.

Here’s how it all went down… He tailgated for several minutes, finally passed her, but then paused to express to her that he thought she was number one by giving her that all important finger, cut back in front of her and lost control of his vehicle and crashed his truck. Yep, that’s Karma!

The driver of the truck fled the scene of the accident, but thanks to the video Florida Driver took, he was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident after doing extensive damage to the grassy medium and taking out a light pole.

As Florida Driver said, “I’ve never seen Karma come back so fast.”


The general public can be amazingly cruel some times. Without knowing any more than what is on the video, this woman received lots of nasty comments, profanities, and even death threats. In her own words, “she was saddened and shocked at some the comments.” It became so bad that she even had to turn the comments off on YouTube for this video. Where is Karma when you REALLY need it?


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