The Media Just Confirmed How Stupid They Are


Our media loves to prove their ignorance. They do it all the time. They are so interested in breaking any news that they don’t care whether or not they need to consider the fact that it actually may be in everyone’s best interest not to publish some things.

Case in point… on a local morning newscast, there was a story about a new way police have to deal with certain situations, one that helps them catch crooks. Sorry, I’m not going to tell you what it is, you might be a crook, and therefore you don’t need to know this. And this dear reader is the exact attitude our media should have had with this story, but they are more interested in ratings instead.

As I watched the story I was thinking, “hey guys, that is a good idea.” But now I know if I ever find myself in such a situation, I will know what they have done, and how to beat the system. While it is doubtful that I will find myself in such a situation, if I think our local cops use such a system, I could easily manipulate their system to get out of something as simple as a traffic ticket.

Their idea was practically foolproof, until the media exposed what they can now do to catch wrong doers. The media needs to learn when to keep their mouth shut. It has long been my opinion that our laws are written by criminals for criminals. Yes, I said that, and I mean it. Just look at some of the stupid stuff we see every day. Crooks do something illegal, and if we hurt them in the process, or they get hurt on our property, they can sue us. Really?

And now, our controlled media exposes one very crafty way cops have to catch criminals and save lives in the process, making the system quite a bit safer…at least as long as the criminal element doesn’t know what the police are doing. The element of surprise has been ruined. Thank you stupid media people. Makes me wonder if they intentionally want to alert the criminal element of society.

Stupid Media


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