The Great Man vs. Woman Toilet Seat War: We Have A Winner

toilet_400Toilet seat up; toilet seat down? It’s the age old argument that has been going on ever since toilets were invented. Women think men should put the toilet seat down, men think women should leave that thing up. This war has been waged almost everywhere men and women share a bathroom, whether at work or at home. This battle rages on and on with no winner in sight, at least until now.

I am a man and I have fought long and hard and have never lost this argument, no woman has ever given me a good reason why I should have to put the toilet seat down instead of her leaving it up for us men. But….the day has come that I gladly concede the victory to the women. Yep, that right, women do win this war, and with one of the best reasons ever. Keep reading….you don’t want to miss this.

Here are the cold hard facts that prove the women win this war….

When a toilet is flushed and the toilet seat is left up, a very fine mist rises into the air, a mist that you cannot see or feel. How then do we know it exists? Two experiments were done to prove this fact.

Experiment #1: Blue water was put into the toilet and a sheet of white paper was held 18 inches above the toilet. After flushing you could see where the blue mist hit the white paper. But, that was only 18 inches, right?

Experiment #2: I saw this for myself on TV… They used a slow motion camera and set it up in the bathroom and flushed the toilet. Special lighting was used to make sure they could capture the mist on video. They flushed the toilet and a fine mist rose up into the air. It rose high enough and spread out far enough to cover the entire bathroom. (gulp)

brushing_teeth_250x235You do realize what this means don’t you? Most people keep their tooth brushes on the bathroom counter. This mist settles onto, yep, you guessed it, your toothbrush, as well as the towels, and the faucets, and everything else in the bathroom. They tested toothbrushes to see if they detected some unwanted germs and found something you don’t want to hear, they found fecal matter on the tested toothbrushes.

Yes ladies, I concede defeat, I happily concede defeat, you win this war. Quickly now, everyone go out and buy new toothbrushes, you need them.

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