Be Very Careful About Letting Go Of These Four Things…

Four things you can’t recover:

  1. The stone…after the throw.
  2. The word…after it’s said.
  3. The occasion…after it’s missed.
  4. The time…after it’s gone.

Here’s a few brief comments…

The Stone – Hey, it breaks things. Be careful what you aim at, or who you throw it at. Those things hurt.

The Word – Oh boy, many a man gets in trouble here. Once you say it, and she hears it…let’s hope you said it correctly.

The Occasion – Don’t forget an anniversary or a birthday or ________. This can spell BIG trouble.

The Time – Hey, once you waste a day, it is gone. This is perhaps the biggest thing people waste these days. My grandparents, and the many generations before them had to survive off the land. They fully understood the importance of time. Wasting time might mean going hungry. You can bet they didn’t waste much time.

We don’t have to survive off the land today. Go to work, stop by the fast food joint and waste money on a quick unhealthy meal…no big deal, right? Home to watch TV and….do whatever. Compared to previous generations, we waste lots and lots of time, and we don’t even know it. We have become an entertainment society.

Ok, your turn…let’s have your thoughts.

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  1. Lawrence L Wright says:

    Then we say we have no time!!! We all have been given the same 24 hours, it is just the way we use those hours! Greg, it is great to have another Believing brother online! Your posts are really enlightening! Keep them coming my friend! God bless you!

  2. Gregory says:

    Lawrence, Thanks for those encouraging words. There will be lots coming soon. I’m setting up a series of Blogs, almost finished.

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