Make Your Kids Bully Smart!

Bully Proof Your Kids Kids can be so cruel in school, whether they are first grade, twelfth grade, or anywhere in between. College has it fair share of bullies too. As an adult, you may actually have a bully at work. This awesome dad has a special message for his daughters that is worthy of […]

Puff The Magic Dragon

Puff The Magic Dragon: About outgrowing toys, or pot smoking song?

Childhood comes with all kinds of memories, favorite vacations, friends, foods, even songs.  There is one song that almost everyone remembers from their childhood, and that is Puff The Magic Dragon, but this is one song that isn’t without a bit of controversy. For years, people have debated about the real meaning of this song. […]

Virgin veggies!

Our 9 year old explains the meaning of “virgin”

“Did you bring me any virgin cupcakes mommy?” Like most parents, we’re not looking forward to explaining difficult words to our 9 year old daughter in regards to sexual issues.   As we all know, kids sometimes say the darnedest of things, and in so doing, our daughter supplied us with a way to temporarily explain the […]

"I don't want to hear that."

Acceptible Lies

THE SIMPLE AND PROFOUND Have you ever had those moments in life where you hear something that is very simple, yet quite profound? Of course you have. I few years back, I heard something that greatly affected me, and I ran across it again this past week. I’m going to share it with you, but […]

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