NEVER Do This To Yourself…NEVER!

Every once in awhile, a story (or email) circulates around the Internet that just gives you a good laugh. I haven’t seen this one before but was told it has been around a bit…enjoy! Last weekend I saw something at Larry’s Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary […]

Dog 001

I Believe People Would Generally Be Happier IF: We Were More Like Dogs

WHAT IF WE WERE MORE LIKE DOGS? I believe people generally would be happier…if we were more like dogs. Look how happy your dog is when you get home! He/she is jumping up and down, glad to see you. Your dogs tail is wagging and you can tell by the body language how happy they […]

Be Very Careful About Letting Go Of These Four Things…

Four things you can’t recover: The stone…after the throw. The word…after it’s said. The occasion…after it’s missed. The time…after it’s gone. Here’s a few brief comments… The Stone – Hey, it breaks things. Be careful what you aim at, or who you throw it at. Those things hurt. The Word – Oh boy, many a […]

Happy Mothers Day (Part 2)

A special thanks to Gwen, a friend on Facebook, for posting numerous Mothers Day things for us to read…and I’m sharing some of those here. And to my Mother…below is the definition of a Mother. All any child can really do is to say thanks. We all know that words can never truly express how […]

Happy Mothers Day (Part 1)

Ahhh…it’s Mothers Day! Here’s wishing a very Happy Mothers Day to Mom’s all around the world, especially my own, who happens to live 6+ hours away…I love you Mom! Here’s a little something entitled “A Mothers Song.” As a parent, I totally identify with this, and see now as an adult many things I didn’t […]

The World’s Most Amazing Ability: Everyone can do it

My sister-n-law has a most wonderful talent…she is a kindergarten teacher. To make a long story short, she posted the following on Facebook recently: “A child can change your whole day with just a smile.” Children have this wonderful ability, and use it quite often. Adults also have this exact same ability, but seldom use […]

TODAYS LESSON: Humans are not at the top of the food chain!

I have heard it said many times that we should learn something new everyday.  Today…I learned that we (humans) are not at the top of the food chain.  Say it ain’t true, please say it ain’t true.  There ARE those in the animal kingdom that feast on the humans body.  So today, I learned on […]

And Life Goes On…and on…

It’s a Sunday night.  I’m sitting home watching TV.  With a 6 yr. old in the house, I tend to watch “kid oriented” movies. So I’m watching this 16/17 year old girl who is watching her grandma and the man in grandma’s life.  The look in her eyes says she is having a life moment, […]

There’s Sushi, and then there’s….this

Going out for dinner can be a real experience, especially if the meal isn’t dead yet…

BREAST CANCER: Preventable? Curable? Need Info?

If you or someone you know has Breast Cancer, or perhaps you are wondering about ways to prevent breast cancer, then you need to read the following report: Breast Cancer Deception It is sad to say, but there is an awful lot of things going on behind the scenes that if the general public knew […]

Dusty Car Art? You’ve got to be kidding…right?

You’ve Got To See This For Yourself! The Internet holds a vast array of information/stuff/junk/ideas/etc.  If you’re looking for it, you probably can find it.  What I like are those ocassional surprises, you know, when you find yourself on a site and follow a link which leads to another interesting link, and then you wind […]

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