Viral Video: Girl fakes period, mom gets revenge

What makes a video go viral? Who knows? A little humor, a little sarcasm, a little stupidity, a little bit of this and that? Sometimes it just happens. But when a girl fakes her period and mom gets revenge, it seems obvious that people are going to want to check it out. This one got […]

Road Rage Instant Karma: Driver crashes truck after tailgating and flipping finger

Karma in Action TAMPA, FLA. – Watch as this tailgating, finger flipping driver crashes his truck after passing this woman on Monday March 25, 2014. This is a scene a lot people envision seeing whenever they encounter obnoxious drivers on the road. This woman actually got it on video and it has gone viral on […]


Never Ever Talk To The Cops

Don’t Talk To Cops: Part 1 This Law Professor explains why you should never talk to the cops, even if you’re innocent.  After watching the video, perhaps it would be best to say, “ESPECIALLY if you’re innocent.”  He gives some extremely good reasons why you should never talk to the cops without an attorney present. […]

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