And Life Goes On…and on…

It’s a Sunday night.  I’m sitting home watching TV.  With a 6 yr. old in the house, I tend to watch “kid oriented” movies. So I’m watching this 16/17 year old girl who is watching her grandma and the man in grandma’s life.  The look in her eyes says she is having a life moment, […]

There’s Sushi, and then there’s….this

Going out for dinner can be a real experience, especially if the meal isn’t dead yet…

BREAST CANCER: Preventable? Curable? Need Info?

If you or someone you know has Breast Cancer, or perhaps you are wondering about ways to prevent breast cancer, then you need to read the following report: Breast Cancer Deception It is sad to say, but there is an awful lot of things going on behind the scenes that if the general public knew […]

Dusty Car Art? You’ve got to be kidding…right?

You’ve Got To See This For Yourself! The Internet holds a vast array of information/stuff/junk/ideas/etc.  If you’re looking for it, you probably can find it.  What I like are those ocassional surprises, you know, when you find yourself on a site and follow a link which leads to another interesting link, and then you wind […]

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