Road Rage Instant Karma: Driver crashes truck after tailgating and flipping finger

Karma in Action TAMPA, FLA. – Watch as this tailgating, finger flipping driver crashes his truck after passing this woman on Monday March 25, 2014. This is a scene a lot people envision seeing whenever they encounter obnoxious drivers on the road. This woman actually got it on video and it has gone viral on […]


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 now clearly a government cover-up

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 now clearly a government cover-up: All evidence contradicts official story   Monday, March 24, 2014 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Editor of (NaturalNews) The “official” story of what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is now a blatant cover-up. After an endless stream of wild incompetence from the Malaysian military […]

IBOToolbox: What Works and What Doesn’t Work For You

I posted a Press Release on IBO Toolbox for the purpose of allowing people to discuss what works for them online and what doesn’t, both in relationship to the web in general as well as for IBO Toolbox. Obviously, the reply box there doesn’t allow for a lot of space for those who wish to […]


Which Celebrity Would You Like To Meet and Why?

FAVORITE CELEBRITY? Open up People Magazine and you’ll find a slew of celebrities from the front of the magazine to the back, just one celebrity after another celebrity after another.  People want to know what is happening in their favorite stars lives, otherwise these celebrity type of magazines wouldn’t be popular.  These poor souls can’t […]

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