A Few of Life’s Opportunities

Blogging is an opportunity to share tidbits with others. Sometimes, these tidbits come from our own personal experiences, sometimes they come from the experiences of others, and sometimes they come from radio, tv, or even a song. Whatever moves us, is an opportunity to share…so let me share with you a few of life’s opportunities, […]

Thumbs Up Smiling Animated

It’s All About The Cup

I’m sure you’ve heard the story of the cup… The Optimist says that his cup is half full. The Pessimist says that his cup is half empty. The engineer says that you just need a smaller cup. It seems to be all about the cup…but not really. The cup is just the vessel that holds […]

How To Take Control Of Your Life!

NO ONE can: drag you down lift you up make you happy make you sad make you cry make you laugh make you love make you hate …unless YOU let them. Just to let you know…if you want to lift me up, make me happy, make me laugh, or show me some love, I will […]

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