Never Ever Talk To The Cops

Don’t Talk To Cops: Part 1 This Law Professor explains why you should never talk to the cops, even if you’re innocent.  After watching the video, perhaps it would be best to say, “ESPECIALLY if you’re innocent.”  He gives some extremely good reasons why you should never talk to the cops without an attorney present. […]


Would You Pass The Honesty Test?

Honest… I Lost My Wallet You stop to get gas, and you need to go inside to buy…ummm, ok, let’s say cigarettes. On the way in, you notice a wallet laying on the sidewalk. What would you do? Someone decided to put it to the test. They dropped a wallet, then filmed 20 people to […]

Be Very Careful About Letting Go Of These Four Things…

Four things you can’t recover: The stone…after the throw. The word…after it’s said. The occasion…after it’s missed. The time…after it’s gone. Here’s a few brief comments… The Stone – Hey, it breaks things. Be careful what you aim at, or who you throw it at. Those things hurt. The Word – Oh boy, many a […]

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